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Kennebunkport Historical Society Brick Chimney Restoration

The rooftop brick chimneys get some much-needed attention atop the 166 year-old White Columns Home in Kennebunkport, Maine.


History of The White Columns Home

The White Columns is a miraculous Greek Revival home, formerly known as the ‘The Nott House’ located in the heart of the Kennebunkport village. Built in 1853 by the Perkins family and ending up as the Notts family home via marriage, this property was owned by the same family for 130 years and to this day still contains the original furnishings. The last Nott living at the White Columns passed away in the 1980’s and the home was then donated by the family to the Kennebunk Historical Society.

Today tours of The White Columns building take place on a regular basis. Throughout this tour you’ll learn all about the Perkins-Nott Family that lived here, as well as area sea captains and shipbuilders. You will see the original furnishings of the home, which include hand-painted wallpaper, hand-hooked carpets, beautiful chandeliers and many more antiques throughout the home. While the tour talks about the Perkins-Nott family, Docents also tell the history of Kennebunkport and the important connection between the house and President Bush’s family here in Kennebunkport.


One of Two Brick Chimneys Removed Long Ago

The Kennebunkport Historical Society does a fantastic job preserving this building. While the inside still has the original furnishings, the outside is a little more difficult to keep historic due to the harsh Maine climate. Originally, the White Columns building had two chimneys protruding out of the roof. Somewhere during the home’s 130-year existence, one of the chimneys was removed, and the roof hole was enclosed. Now the Kennebunkport Historical Society wants to portray the original look, and that means adding back the second chimney.


Recreating a Missing Chimney

Hascall & Hall was called in to repoint and replace some brick in the existing chimney as well as building up the second chimney from the roofline. First our team started building up the second chimney from the roof line to bring it back to its true original look. This required over 400 bricks and mortar to match the existing chimney as closely as possible. The existing chimney had seen better days, so we needed to remove some deteriorated brick and a full repointing job was necessary to make both chimneys look identical again. After the first chimney was built back up and the second was repointed, we had two historic chimneys that brought this building back to its original 1850s look. Our team finished by washing the chimneys and leaving them ready to face another 170 years.


The crew at Hascall & Hall did a terrific job restoring the two chimneys at White Columns at the Kennebunkport Historical Society in Maine. From start to finish they took great care to inform us of the scope of the work, the steps to compete the work and the costs to complete the work. The crew was friendly, efficient and sensitive to our tourists. We were able to keep White Columns opened during this construction process. In a nutshell, the project was a complete success from start to finish!Dana Dakers, President of the Kennebunkport Historical Society

A Great Honor

Hascall & Hall would like to thank the Kennebunkport Historical Society for giving us the opportunity to work on such a historic building. With the completion of the job, we left the White Columns roof looking like it would have when the Perkins family built it in 1853. A high-quality restoration job that will continue to tell history for decades to come.


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