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It was no surprise when a major car dealership in Maine called upon Hascall & Hall to help turn their old Toyota dealership in Topsham into a new Nissan storefront. The dealership had just finished building a brand new, beautiful Toyota facility just across the street, and wanted to renovate the former Toyota building to expand their Nissan operation. Hascall & Hall’s portion of the renovation was to prepare and re-coat the old service floor, an area that was showing years of wear and tear.

Preliminary planning


To convert the old Toyota building into a suitable home for its new Nissan brand, our job was to re-coat the floor of the service bay area (approximately 5,700 square feet). The existing area had been previously coated with an epoxy system that was now more than halfway worn off in some spots.

We quoted a new epoxy flooring system that would stand up not only to heavy-duty loads and high traffic, but also to the environmental issues associated with the repair and servicing of automobiles. Aesthetics of the new service floor—highly trafficked and highly visible—were also paramount to the client, an expectation with which Hascall & Hall is well acquainted and proficient at meeting and exceeding.

Substrate preparation

leetopsham005The existing floor required special attention to the areas where oil and gasoline had seeped into the concrete, compromising the ability of the new epoxy flooring system to properly adhere to the substrate. All the respective areas were degreased with a high-grade cleanser. The degreasing process is extremely important prior to shot-blasting, not only for maintaining clean equipment, but also to ensure that contaminants will not be driven deeper into the floor, causing a bonding failure.



We chose shot-blasting for the next step of the floor preparation, as it is environmentally friendly and an economical way to properly prepare concrete substrates for coating. Hascall & Hall is known for superior shot-blasting work, an important component of the preparation phase. The edges were prepared using hand grinders. The control joints were routed out and then filled with semi-rigid epoxy joint filler (a urethane-based joint filler, also known as polyurea). The epoxy polymer we selected was specifically designed for use in industrial concrete floors subjected to heavy vehicle traffic, and carefully chosen to maintain the structural integrity of the joint nosings and flexibility of the concrete slab.

Flooring application

Once the floor was prepped and cleaned, the next step was to apply an epoxy primer. Then the solid epoxy topcoat was applied and back-rolled with an aluminum oxide to give it a non-slip finish.

Below are before and after images—what a difference!

leetopsham012leetopsham014  leetopsham019 leetopsham021





Outgassing Solution

Once we had completed the flooring application phase of the project, we carefully inspected the floor and noted a few areas of outgassing. Caused by entrapped gasses within the resin rising to the surface and escaping, outgassing can manifest as bubbles, pinholes, or other defects that can compromise the floor’s cosmetic appearance as well as its strength and lifespan. Experience and nimble workmanship keep such flaws in flooring projects to a minimum, however, and having quickly repaired the bubbles, the floor at Lee’s new Nissan dealership was opened for use on time and within budget.

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