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New York City Transit Authority

The New York City Transit Authority turned to Hascall & Hall because of our extensive experience in the flooring industry. In addition to overall commercial flooring expertise, we have a seasoned crew when it comes to the application of the particular type of methyl methacrylate (MMA) that was chosen for the project. The sales person for the specific product that was being installed chose to ask Hascall & Hall to make the trip to the city rather than bring in a more geographically convenient company to the project.

The assignment was to install a floor in the new transit authority barn, where all the trains would come for upkeep and maintenance. The floor requirements included non-slip safety for employee traffic areas; a floor that would hold up under a heavy load, as well as a floor that would be chemically-resistant to stand up to all the oils and chemical solvents used in the daily maintenance of the trains. The client did their due diligence in finding the right partner to ensure their needs would be properly addressed, and Hascall & Hall was awarded the 65,000 square-foot floor project.

Hascall & Hall’s project team worked closely with the client to manage the logistics of a project that was nearly 600 miles away from our headquarters. There were storage constraints at the work site which required careful consideration of key equipment and application materials.

It is a project that we often reflect upon due to the unique working environment. When we looked in one direction, we could see the ultimate picture of the Bronx and all its imagery—crowds of people bustling about, police cars with their sirens, highrises, graffiti, and railroad trestles— then turning directly around we could view the Bronx Zoo in all its glory—visitors casually walking the trails while enjoying all the myriad animals and sounds a world-class zoo can offer.

In addition to what one might consider an initially distracting work environment, the New York Transit Authority proved to be one of the most challenging floors we have ever installed, and we remain proud of completing the project in just over nine weeks.

The Hascall & Hall team was given the task of installing the 65,000 square feet of MMA, with all the detailing and road blocks that came along with it, while working under elevated train tracks. The crew worked diligently on the pits and stairs within the work area to prepare every square inch of the floor and every linear foot of trench and/or plate imbedded in the concrete that would need to be detailed.

The substrate was properly prepared and the floor was installed in a record-breaking heat wave unlike New York City had ever seen. While metal bridges were buckling in the heat, Hascall & Hall’s team made sure that the drastic temperature did not impact the successful completion of the project. Not only did our team complete the work in nine weeks in severe conditions, our work and dedication to quality gave us the honor of being the only contractor on this project to finish in the time allotted—and interestingly, as we were told, the only contractor paid in full.

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