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University of New England Animal Rehabilitation Center

The Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center (MARC) is integral to the mission of the University of New England’s Marine Science Education and Research Center. As part of a network of centers authorized by the National Marine Fisheries Service to rehabilitate stranded marine mammals and sea turtles, the scientists at MARC research the causes of marine mammal mortality and the state of the marine environment, and advance the rehabilitation of species crucial to the web of life in the Gulf of Maine and beyond.

The flooring in one of the rehabilitation facility’s rooms had an epoxy coating on it that had been there for years. The floor coating and epoxy wall base was starting to show obvious signs of wear and cracking, and a renovation was overdue. The center manager elected to go with the same type of system due to the smoothness of the floor for the animals that would occupy that room.

Hascall & Hall came in, removed the old epoxy wall base, and hand-troweled a new wall base, Then we started to concentrate on the floor. First, we aggressively sanded the floor to remove any of the remaining old coating and routed out all of the cracks in the floor, using vacuums with HEPA filters to ensure we did not contaminate any of the other areas of the research center.

Next it was time to re-apply the new flooring system. We initially filled all of the cracks with a flexible epoxy filler to provide plenty of give beneath the former cracks, preventing them from cracking apart again should any of the normal subsurface pressure changes reoccur beneath them. We next primed the floor surface with a special re-coat primer to ensure a strong cohesive bond between the two surfaces. Once the primer was dried, we applied a urethane colored top coat designed to take the abuse and any cleaning agents that the center needed to use, to provide many years of use from this high-performance flooring system.

If you can think like a slippery marine mammal, reptile, or any water-loving critter that needs specialized remedial care while stranded on terra firma, it’s clear that the smoother the flooring surface, the easier your rehabilitation. Hascall & Hall was prepared to provide the optimal commercial flooring solution not just for these important sea creatures, but the one that works best for the people who walk across it daily in providing that care.

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