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Gardner Square Condominium Association

March 15, 2016

Glenn O’Donnell
Hascall and Hall
273 Presumpscot Street
Portland, ME 04103

Dear Glenn,

I am writing to thank Hascall and Hall for the outstanding job they did in masonry repair on the buildings of our condominium in September 2015. I’m sorry that I am so tardy in formalizing these comments in aletter. But I expressed these sentiments to you in person at the time of completion of the job, and am now putting them in writing. Hascall and Hall did a great job repairing 10 chimneys and associated parapets, which were the only part of our building maintenance that was long overdue (in part because of the nuisance of all the separate components of the task).

Our contact with Hascall and Hall was primarily through three of its employees: you, Neil and CJ. I was impressed by each of you. I enjoyed interacting with you during the assessment/bidding leading up to the contract and during the contract itself. You are well informed and you helped build my understanding of masonry status, maintenance and repair. You were responsive, straightforward and easy to work with. You educated us well with regard to what to anticipate in the repair process. Your oversight of the one-week job was consistent, transparent and effective. When I questioned the depth of the joints, you quickly rectified the problem. One of the minimal glitches was that the “lift” overstayed its welcome (occupying some of our parking lot, which was fault of the rental company not H&H). You were great in swinging into action to lean on the rental company to remove it.

The two masons who worked on the job, Neil and CJ were also terrific. They were pleasant to deal with, proficient and hard working. Neil, the foreman, was obviously very experienced. He sought my inputwhen appropriate but otherwise needed no input. He demonstrated not only excellent workmanship but also a sense of artistry – for example he mixed subtly different color bricks on one chimney restoration to achieve a better color match with the surrounding bricks. Regarding CJ, I had little conversation with him during most of the job, but noticed how hard-working and pleasant he was. It was not until the last day of the job that I learned, by chance, that he was the son of the owner. It impressed me a great deal that CJ was “in the trenches” working like any other good mason coming up through the ranks.

In short, we thank Hascall and Hall for their excellent work.

Stephen Shaw
VP, Gardner Square Condominium Association