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December 17, 2010

University of Southern Maine
Facilities Management
Portland, ME 04104

To Whom It May Concern:

USM recently completed a $161,000 masonry restoration project with Hascall & Hall on the Gorham Campus of the University of Southern Maine. Work included cleaning, repointing, repairing and replacing brick and stone on Robie-Andrews Hall in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for the Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings. Constructed in 1898 and 1918, the four to five story Robie-Andrews Hall is home to over 200 students. The lower levels are occupied by the Art Department.

Throughout the project, Hascall & Hall conducted themselves with complete professionalism and cooperation.

  • When unanticipated conditions arose, they offered helpful solutions remaining mindful our tight budget and schedule. In most cases, added scope was absorbed.
  • They patiently provided numerous samples to match existing conditions, tweaking mixtures to come up with just the right color and texture.
  • Close coordination with other contractors working on the site was required, all racing to complete their projects during the summer of 2010.
  • Although work occurred in summer, the University was still open and occupied with summer residents and camp attendees. Hascall & Hall insured the safety of passers-by at all times.
  • Our landscaping and grounds supervisor was pleased to see that the area around Robie-Andrews was left in better condition than when work started! Hascall & Hall reloamed and seeded affected areas in accordance with our specifications, something most contractors walk away from at the end of a project.

I strongly recommend Hascall & Hall for your restoration project.

Carol M. Potter
Building Construction Engineer