Why Seamless Floors Over Traditional?

When choosing the right floor for your needs you should always look at the bigger picture. There are many different types of flooring options that offer various colors and styles but finding a floor that offers the right design, meets one’s performance standards and can be easy to clean can be difficult. Therefore, seamless floors such as urethane, epoxy and hybrid flooring systems are key to fulfilling these needs.

Easy Maintenance

Grout lines and seams found with tile and other flooring systems collect and store dirt which makes it extremely difficult to clean. This can also be a health hazard and could affect your facility’s regulatory compliance. This is why seamless is a major plus when choosing a floor because it promotes a cleaner floor, eliminates places for dirt and chemical spills to hide and it’s safer for one’s environment.

Seamless floors are a great choice for kitchens, hospitals, locker rooms, manufacturing facilities and pretty much anywhere there is an abundance of spillage, dirt and traffic. Due to the smooth groutless surface, if there’s a spill or excess dirt there is no need to worry about the filth finding a crevice to hide in. With a seamless floor, filth can no longer find a place to hide decreasing the struggle of vacuuming and mopping.


Commercial areas with an abundance of foot traffic need a durable solution to protect against cracking as well as wear and tear. Industrial areas handling heavy supplies or hazardous material need a floor that can withstand the traffic of heavy equipment and areas of chemical exposure. Manufacturing areas where there are big machines producing product and heat need a floor that is UV stable. Resinous and epoxy coatings have different solutions for each scenario stated above, ultimately giving you a floor that’s highly durable, chemical resistant and UV stable.

Durable Commercial Seamless Floors

Many Different Options

Seamless floors and polished concrete have a wide variety of designs that can be altered to one’s specific needs. Coatings can be broadcast in flake or quartz and unlimited color options can be implemented into the floor. Seamless floors allow for a wide variety of designs so that you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for durability, leaving you pleased both visually and performance wise.

Many Different Options of Color and Textured Look for Seamless Floors


Cost Efficient

Seamless flooring can provide the same aesthetically pleasing display as granite, tile and stained concrete at a less expensive cost. Seamless will also last longer due to its durability, so instead of redoing your floor every few years or needing frequent repair you can now pocket that extra cash and put it toward other renovations. Furthermore, instead of having to professionally clean your floor and deal with grime left in the seams and a buildup of bacteria; you can now clean the floor much easier leaving no trapped filth and no overworked cleaner. Lastly, once the floor reaches its useful life you don’t have to spend a fortune redoing the entire floor, all you need is a re-coating and your floor is as good as new.

Seamless Floors Are Easy to Clean - Saving You Money



Unlike a 1-3-week time frame of a traditional granite, tile or marble installation, seamless floors have a much quicker turnaround. Depending on the type of floor you want installed our crew could be in and out of your facility in just days. Finishes have fast curing times that settle quickly leaving downtime to a minimum resulting in a more efficient option for fitting flooring work into a renovation/building schedule. With such quick turnaround a seamless floor will leave you plenty of time for all other projects.


If you’re looking to upgrade your existing floor and your top priorities are aesthetics, durability, maintenance, cost efficiency and turnaround time then seamless floors are the solution for you. Seamless floors can not only be appealing to you and whoever you’re trying to impress, they also withstand father time incredibly well and are extremely reliable. Seamless floors such as urethane, epoxy and hybrid systems are key to serving these needs and if you’re considering applying one then give us a call… We will leave you with a quality floor ready to withstand the test of time.