At the Forefront of Our Minds

Every employee commits to uphold these standards from day one

Safety initiatives
required of all our employees in the field

  • Signed policy statement on safety and quality
  • Focus on Safety Newsletters
  • Employee guidelines and guideline amendments
  • Alcohol and drug abuse policies
  • Harassment prevention policy
  • Confined space entry program
  • Electrical policy
  • Fall-protection program
  • Ladder and scaffolding safety
  • Machine guarding
  • First aid / CPR
  • Hazard communication program
  • Lockout / tagout program
  • Hearing conservation program
  • Respiratory protection program
  • Security plan for the transportation of hazardous materials

In a deadline-driven contracting industry like ours—which by its very nature can be invasive to an occupied job-site—quality workmanship can progress at a productive rate only when safety on the job is held paramount. With unwavering attention to every aspect of our safety policy, Hascall & Hall has adhered to this principle for well over 60 years, and we have a safety reputation to match.

With a corps of managers, supervisors, and employees trained and certified in compliance with OSHA regulations, we stand prepared to respond immediately to any situation that may arise at a job-site. Our Experience Modification Factor—one yardstick by which the insurance industry measures comparative injury rates—is well below 1%, placing us among the lowest in the construction industry.

Any Hascall & Hall worker has the right—whether they’re the project executive or the clean-up crew—to shut down a job-site immediately, at any time, should they suspect that site conditions are unsafe.

We believe no one single person can be held responsible for protecting an entire job-site, but rather through making everyone accountable we can achieve that end. Our people are our first and foremost asset, and there is no stronger way to enforce safety than to empower our employees to challenge the very standards we demand.

What’s more, if a safer way is determined we stop what we are doing and implement it. Every individual commits to uphold these standards the day they sign on with us. Through entrusting every team member to monitor, enforce, and ultimately drive safety policy we consistently operate above minimum standards set by OSHA. And whether you’re the client, subcontractor, site visitor, or one of our own team, we place minute-to-minute awareness of your safety at the forefront of our minds.

At Hascall & Hall, a culture of safety
is what drives our superior productivity