Hascall & Hall is an experienced and innovative specialty contractor serving the Northeast since 1948. With more than 200 combined years of industry experience, our team is dedicated to providing expert commercial flooring, stone and brick masonry work, and concrete repair solutions. In projects ranging in scale from small to large and in sectors as divergent as beer-brewing and bioengineering, Hascall & Hall stands poised to meet our clients’ most challenging project demands.

Preserving the past is the passion that gives Hascall & Hall its New England roots as a specialty commercial flooring, concrete repair, and masonry restoration contractor. Specializing in the preservation and conservation of the region’s most historic and prominent buildings for over six decades, our legacy of outstanding restoration projects speak volumes. We enjoy a reputation unparalleled in the Northeast for appearance, durability and functionality, providing advanced as well as routine stone masonry and concrete surface repair services such as facet stabilization, tuck-pointing, waterproofing, and EPA-compliant chemical cleaning.

Grounded in the past, with an eye to the future

With a proven record of quality and safety spanning over half a century Hascall & Hall more recently entered the commercial flooring industry, and currently ranks among the most highly regarded flooring contractors in the Northeast. Our team continually keeps abreast of advances in safety, equipment and environmental concerns that relate to our industry. Ongoing training in new technologies allows us to meet the complexity of challenges our flooring clientele face. Highly skilled in the installation of leading-edge epoxy, urethane, and methyl methacrylate acrylic (MMA) applications, Hascall & Hall can designate a range of commercial flooring plans, prepare the substrate and install attractive, state-of-the-art flooring systems to exact specification with minimal disruption.

We are proud of our service record, and to place our collective two centuries of experience in perspective, like to note that our most senior foreman has over 42 years invested, while our most junior foreman has over 15 years of service with us. As Hascall & Hall, we are fortunate to enjoy superior staff longevity rarely seen today—in this industry or elsewhere.

Hascall & Hall—masonry, concrete and commercial flooring solutions that withstand the test of time

Let us put our experience to work for you. Whether you’re looking to install maximal functionality for the future with a durable commercial flooring system, or need to secure best-practices masonry construction and epoxy-concrete repair to preserve or showcase a historical, industrial age, or postmodern structure, Hascall & Hall is here to help. When you want impeccable quality, completed on time with minimal disruption, we are prepared to give your project the time and attention it deserves, from design start to finish. Contact us at 1-800-464-1481 for a free consultation, or to talk with one our flooring contractors or restoration experts.