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Commercial Flooring

For more than half a century Hascall & Hall has delivered state-of-the-art commercial flooring solutions to clients throughout the Northeast. While the technology has evolved dramatically over the years, the secret to providing the right commercial flooring options has remained constant—an understanding of the client’s needs and environment, coupled with breadth of experience and in-depth product knowledge.

In bringing over 200 years’ combined experience to any challenge facing you, the Hascall & Hall team recognizes that the functionality of the flooring plan we provide is the most important of any complex set of variables involved.

Your facility’s requirements may include commercial flooring options that are:

  • Non-skid/slip-resistant, to add traction and improve safety even when wet or soiled
  • Bacteriostatic, virostatic, and moisture-resistant, eliminating areas for dust, microbes, oils and other impurities and contaminants to collect
  • Fire-resistant, thermal shock resistant, or temperature-conductive, to serve areas of temperature extremes (cold rooms, dry rooms, freezers, ovens, grills, fryers)
  • Abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, or maintenance-reducing, for high-traffic areas or those requiring significant weight durability
  • Chemical/solvent-resistant
  • Vapor-resistant
  • Static controlling or static dissipative
  • Light-reflective to enhance brightness without glare
  • Designed solely to repair cracks, chips, or uneven joints
  • Purely decorative or designed to hide imperfections

Our expertise spans diverse business sectors, microclimates, and commercial flooring applications. We specialize in the biotechnology, manufacturing, and food production industries. A sampling of the environments we serve includes:

  • Pharmaceutical operations
  • Meat/poultry/fish and beverage-processing companies
  • Health care institutions
  • Research facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Retail and restaurant spaces
  • Educational institutions
  • Municipalities and government sectors

Hascall & Hall brings decades of experience in evaluating the customer site, understanding the substrate, and choosing the precise product to ensure long-term durability and maximal functionality. The right commercial flooring solution for your environment will be only as good as its bond to the substrate. Choosing a contractor that understands all of the relative factors involved in designing and executing the appropriate solution cannot be more intrinsic to the project’s success.Each client has a unique complement of reasons for securing a commercial flooring installation expert, ranging from aesthetic desires to performance-driven components. Hascall & Hall has approved and trained applicators for a wide range of commercial flooring options and products. Among other solutions, your particular environment may require a methyl methacrylate (MMA), epoxy, urethane, or a cementitious overlay system, depending upon the functional requirements demanded within the space and the underlying substrate.

When you need flooring expertise, no challenge is too complex

Whether you have established or highly specialized commercial flooring needs, Hascall & Hall delivers! Applying our core principles of exemplary qualityrigorous safety, and infallible adherence to deadlines, we passionately serve the diverse design and functionality needs posed by historical and modern structures throughout the Northeast region. Contact us today at 1-800-464-1481 for a free consultation or to speak with one our flooring contractors or restoration experts.