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In securing the services of a building contractor, it’s most reassuring to work with a company that believes in protecting your greatest assets. We know that taking on a construction project can be daunting enough without experiencing doubt as to whether your results will be up-to-snuff. From your initial consultation until the day you give us your final sign-off, you can rest assured that Hascall & Hall will do everything in our power to minimize the impact our presence may have on the occupants, and to create the very best experience possible for all parties involved—throughout the project.

With over 200 years of combined real-world experience throughout the Northeast, we are the premier specialty contractor for all your masonry restoration and commercial flooring needs. We provide individualized solutions to fit your specific needs and are able to custom-tailor any flooring solution, masonry restoration, or concrete repair work that you may require.

By focusing on quality for over six decades, our dedicated clientele continue to help us grow by excellent word-of-mouth recommendations. Many of our clients have come to depend upon us time and again for the quality they expect. From our grasp of the big picture to the finest of details, they know they can be certain we will not leave a job site until their express needs have been met.

Hascall & Hall is often asked by our clients to be fast-acting and flexible, while still maintaining the utmost in quality craftsmanship. For instance, when an unexpected call comes in for the installation of one of our floors during a last minute shut-down at a pharmaceutical facility, Hascall & Hall is able to accommodate a tight schedule. Reaction time for these clients is essential, as we understand that every minute of a shut-down means lost revenue for the facility.

Masonry restoration and concrete repair work can also present any number of unexpected issues for our customers. The harsh New England weather can cause rapid deterioration that demands unforeseen maintenance. Imagine yourself a building owner who has realized portions of your building have deteriorated to the point where they are falling onto the building’s perimeter or an adjacent sidewalk, creating a public hazard. Maintenance is sometimes deferred for a variety of reasons, but in critical situations Hascall & Hall is able to respond quickly, to expeditiously evaluate the customer site, and stabilize the problem before designing a repair to stand the test of time.

Hascall & Hall—your first choice when quality counts

When you want impeccable quality, completed on time with minimal disruption, we give your project the individualized attention it deserves, from start to finish, so you can rest easy. For peace of mind, contract with Hascall & Hall for all your commercial flooringmasonry restoration, and concrete repair concerns. Contact us  at 1-800-464-1481 for a free consultation, or to talk with one our experts.