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Field Expertise, Beginning with the Malias

At Hascall & Hall, where we’re known for holding our people in high regard, the father and son team of the Malias is perhaps the most telling example for why this might be so.

Joseph T. Malia, Sr., born in 1921, served in the U.S. Navy before becoming our first employee ever in 1948. “Dad,” as his co-workers all called him, walked tall and commanded the respect of everyone with whom he worked. From the very start until the day he retired at age 81, Dad could work circles around crew members half his age, and would never hesitate to set his juniors straight if he felt they were veering off-course.

With the same keen focus, field expertise, and tireless energy, Joseph T. Malia, Jr. continues the family tradition at Hascall & Hall, beginning his field experience in 1968, at the tender age of 17. As a child, Joey recalls co-owner Arthur Hall showing up in his trademark straw hat to talk over the next job with “Dad” in the front yard of the Malia family home. Being cut of the same cloth, Joey was soon riding alongside “Dad” to that next job, sometimes as far afield as Houlton, Maine. In those days, Houlton meant a long day’s journey north from Portland, mostly on unpaved roads, and as Joey recollects, “You sure did hope the whole way up that you hadn’t left anything important behind!” Not surprisingly, the day that the “turnpike” opened is one which Joey also remembers fondly.

You Can Count On Us

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Company Founded

Arthur Hall and Bruce Hascall became partners in a masonry restoration and waterproofing company when they landed their fist big job -- cleaning the Union Station building in Portland, ME.


New Owners

Purchased by Edwin Smith and Rudolph Violette who continued to run the company together for more than 25 years, up until 1992.



Purchased by Tim O'Neil, who bought the Hascall & Hall name and all its assets. In July of that year Tim hired Rob Bergeron, who is now the current owner.