Concrete Repair

Parking Garages • Facades • Walkways • Balconies

What’s Different About Hascall & Hall Concrete Repair?

Commercial Concrete Repair Services

  • Waterproofing
  • Trowel applied
  • Structural repair
  • Structural strengthening
  • Expansion joint systems
  • Pressure crack (epoxy) concrete injections
  • Parking garage safety and aesthetic repair
  • Balcony restoration
  • Concrete figurines
  • Specialty forming
  • Specialty coating

Even the finest concrete work is prone to the ravages of time. Only an experienced team of concrete professionals has what it takes to identify the underlying causes and take action to prevent further deterioration. Whether the issue is accelerated or long-term degradation, eroded, spalled or porous concrete can be repaired and resurfaced for long-lasting protection.

Large or small, concrete projects require teamwork, and Hascall & Hall draws on its legacy of working with the most respected engineers and technicians in the field. Hascall & Hall experts have designed and executed quality construction and repairs for some of the most prominent concrete structures in New England. From shoring up a structure, to the removal of all deteriorated concrete and rebar, Hascall & Hall forms and reties the required reinforcing then adds new concrete where necessary to complete a safe and durable repair. Removing and replacing deteriorating elements, Hascall & Hall brings buildings back to code or better!

About Hascall & Hall

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condition analysis

Whether the initiative behind your concrete repair project is an aesthetic one or driven by stringent safety standards, Hascall & Hall has the skill, resources, and technical expertise you need.


materials selection

At Hascall & Hall we put our core principles of impeccable quality, unwavering safety, and adherence to deadline to work for you!



All our projects begin with proper planning and attention to detail. We ensure that the right pieces go in the right places in the right sequence.