Hascall & Hall Roots, the Blog & the Future

Rob Bergeron

Welcome to the Hascall & Hall blog. I am pretty sure that in 1948 when Hascall & Hall planted their roots in Portland, Maine that blogging was not part of their business plan (and it wasn’t part of my plan when I took over the company in 2000). My name is Rob Bergeron, President and current owner of Hascall & Hall. I’ve been with the company over 20 years in one form or another and have quickly learned that change and innovating is how we have been able to maintain our strong presence in New England for over six decades.

Here goes my first blog post.

Our roots. Hascall & Hall has helped to preserve hundreds of historical buildings in the Portland area and all of New England. Additionally for more than 50 years we have been a commercial flooring and concrete repair contractor. Our team of dedicated flooring experts and restoration specialists are some of the best of business, focused on quality work and meeting project timelines.

Our first job. We are very proud that Hascall & Hall’s very first job was the restoration of the Union Station Clock Tower in 1948. As a tribute to this building, we feature it on the Web site’s background page (right side). Not a bad way to begin!

The Portland Press Herald wrote a recent story on the 50th anniversary of the sad demolition of this historic landmark and the important role it played in the creation of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission. The commission was designed to protect our heritage and historic landmarks such as the project that we were recently given the privileged opportunity to work on in Portland.

The future. We are proud that after months of negotiations, we were chosen to participate in the restoration of one the most recognizable hotels in Portland, Maine: The Eastland Park Hotel.

Many years of neglect and numerous ownership changes have left this historic landmark that looms over our great city in much need of care and attention. With luck for Portland and its visitors, the new owners have great passion for the property and have decided to invest in the historic structure to bring it back to its former glory.

The much needed repairs have begun and we are anxious to watch the transformation with not only the new owners, but all of Portland. Our staging is up and we’re running with a great plan and goal to fulfill the vision of the new owners. We will keep you posted with pictures and future updates to follow. We hope you’ll stay with us and please, share your comments along the way.