Hit the Ground Safely

Forklift Training

Forklift Training

Working safely on the job, thus avoiding injuries should be part every worker’s daily activities.  For seasoned veterans in the workforce, safety is undoubtedly second nature.  But what about the “newbies” who are inexperienced in the type of work performed in the construction industry?

According to MEMIC, the accident rate in construction is highest among those who have less than one year of experience on the job; and the 20 to 34 year old age group accounts for nearly half of the industry’s injuries.

Several approaches can be taken to help control these incidents starting with the hiring process.

We require every potential new hire to complete a comprehensive pre-employment exam, which is designed to ensure that the individuals we hire are physically able to perform the necessary job functions.  Hascall & Hall partners with an occupational health provider to assess our prospective employees and determine their “fitness for duty”.

Upon hire, individuals spend their first day of employment with Hascall & Hall attending a full day of New Hire Orientation.  This runs the gamut from personnel issues to safety – with the emphasis being safety.  Our mentoring program pairs the new hire with a long-term employee who will work alongside the new hire providing on-the-job training to show the employee “the ropes”.  Hands-on training is invaluable when training new workers.

Providing our employees with “tools of the trade” doesn’t just mean they get a margin trowel or chisel.  The most important tool we can provide our employees is the ability to recognize hazards and the knowledge to avoid the potential injuries related to the hazard.