Polished Concrete’s Competitive Advantages are Surfacing:

Learn the competitive advantages and why public facilities are choosing polished concrete as a more logical flooring choice over other types of flooring.

Polished concrete flooring offers many benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance & Longer Service Life– Polished concrete offers a harder and stronger floor finish which is able to hold more restraint, foot traffic as well as resists tire marks from fork trucks and other traffic. Allowing lower maintenance cost with wear and tear on cleaning equipment and consumables.  Polished concrete is easy to clean; it won’t break, lift, peel, flake, dust or become an allergen.
  • Protects– The dry process of turning normal concrete into polished concrete results in filtering out 99.9% of all dust, making polished concrete a much healthier and safer choice. Whether your business involves the medical field, the food industry, or even financial management allergies and dusts should always be taken into consideration and protected against. The densely polished and leveled surface helps protect against absorption of oil containments.  Having no hydrostatic pressure or vapor issues, polished concrete floors are environmentally friendly and completely resistant to fire.
  • Cost Savings & Cosmetic Appeal– Polished concrete has easy one-time application which provides a flatter and more level surface. This process results in design that has a very natural stone finish and appears expensive and elegant.  The shiny and sleek surface has a high light reflectively which saves on energy bills.  It comes in a wide variety of designs and colors, important for adding great value in office buildings, hotels, restaurants and other public service facilities that are looking for a bright and flatter surface.

Polished concrete is extremely versatile and can be used in any commercial business.  It’s a great floor choice for workspaces, lobbies, and hallways. It’s affordable, low-maintenance, and energy efficient, among many other things.  Below are some of our completed projects here at Hascall & Hall where we passionately serve our core principles of rigorous safety, extraordinary quality and infallible adherence to deadlines.

We passionately serve the diverse design and functionality needs posed by historical and modern structures throughout the Northeast region. 

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