Historic Wyman Station Gets Exterior Overhaul

Concrete and Masonry Repair

About the Wyman Station Project

Established in Maine in 1948, Hascall & Hall has history with many of the most prominent buildings and structures in the region, including Wyman Station on Cousin’s Island.  These pictures are from May of 1962, just 5 years after it was built.

The Hascall & Hall crew used a self–contained sandblasting hopper on a turbine likely from one of the steam-fired turbine units in this peaking power plant, which is only fired up during times of high electricity demand.

Many don’t know the story of the colors of the station.  There were numerous battles over the final colors of the two-toned exterior.  The overall goal was to have the bottom color match the surrounding horizon, while the top color was to match an average sky to minimize its ocean side presence.

Stay tuned as Hascall & Hall will be posting other historical projects that may be of interest.