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Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, Maine

Formerly known as the Cumberland County Civic Center
Maine’s Largest and most Active sports and family entertainment center

February 12th 2016, marked the two year anniversary of the reopening of Portland, Maine’s Cross Insurance Arena formerly known as the Cumberland County Civic Center.  Hascall & Hall is proud to have been the flooring contractor of what is now Maine’s Largest and most Active sports and family entertainment center.

Hascall & Hall eagerly worked hand and hand with Cianbro and many other contractors to complete the 15 month renovation.  There are always challenges working on big projects but our Hascall & Hall crew was able to start from the ground up completing over 46,000 square feet of flooring in a timely and efficient manner.

Hascall & Hall was brought into the renovation project to solve a concern that was not apparent until the magnitude of the renovation and all the pieces came together once the project began.  The original plan for the flooring was to simply seal-coat the existing concrete.  Once the plans started to become a reality, the management team decided that they could not make all the dramatic improvements “above and behind the concrete” and leave a tired and worn out foundation to present it all.  Everything else would have the “wow factor” as described by individuals involved in the project, while the flooring would be left to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

The site inspection revealed that sealing the existing concrete would in no way be an aesthetic fit with the level of planned renovations for all other areas of the center.  The old concrete floors were cracking, chipping and showing extensive wear.  In addition, the conversion to natural gas and the overhaul of mechanical systems would require trenching cut into the existing concrete to support upgrades; all of which would be visible if the floors were simply sealed.  A cementitious overlay was definitely the best way to camouflage the old, tired floor giving it a new, fresh and welcoming facade.

Originally, our Hascall & Hall team had selected a full MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) system for the center.  Unfortunately, the testing came back with high moisture levels and the concrete was infected with contaminants; both which created an adherence issue if the wrong product was chosen.  The decision was made to use 1/8th inch urethane slurry as a basecoat that would effectively seal 99% of the moisture and would tolerate the existing contaminants eliminating any adherence issues for the new flooring system.

The system was selected, approved and the application process began with the grinding process.  The grinders were connected to an excellent dust collection system, but even so, Hascall & Hall brought in SafetyWorks!, a company under the Maine Department of Labor that specializes in making workplaces safer and healthier, to ensure our employees were not exposed to any air contaminants.

After the grinding process was completed and the floor was prepped, the application of the urethane system began.  The urethane slurry with colored flakes was applied and was followed by an MMA coat also with flakes.  After the required curing times, the floor was finished with two clear top coats for wear and durability.  MMA has a very fast curing time which requires that our crew is on top of the application every step of the way.  Some say that MMA cures, “faster than ice cream melts” and an experienced crew is an invaluable asset managing the pace of large applications.  A side effect of the fast curing element is a strong odor.  It can be perceived as unhealthy by individuals unfamiliar with the product.  Hascall & Hall posted Safety Data Sheets everywhere the application process was taking place and also had SafetyWorks! come on site again to ensure the air was safe for everyone involved.  Because of the odiferous nature of the product, the general contractor requested that the Hascall & Hall crew not begin the application until after 2PM when many of the other contractors were leaving or had already left the premises, which we were happy to do to keep the job-site as compatible as possible for all involved.

There were many steps that took place in completing this multimillion dollar renovation.  Hascall & Hall not only reflects upon what the center has brought to our great city, but also upon Hascall & Hall’s role in the $33 million dollar renovation.  The next time you step into Portland’s Cross Insurance Center, make sure to think of Hascall & Hall when you look down at the fantastic flooring.


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