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Deteriorated Brick and Caulking of the Crutchfield Building


In 1961 Concord Housing and Redevelopment began with the goal to provide decent, safe and affordable housing through federally funded programs. Once the logistics were enacted, they began developing housing units throughout Concord, New Hampshire in order to achieve their mission. In 2012, located at 15 Pitman Street, the Crutchfield building opened. This 7-story high rise with two elevators has 105 studio units designated for elderly and/or disabled households with special funding through the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority. This building has strongly impacted the City of Concord and their needs for low income housing, which has also given Concord Housing and Redevelopment the ability to grow and expand their mission throughout New Hampshire. Along with the Crutchfield building, Concord Housing and Redevelopment now controls a handful of properties throughout New Hampshire, all aimed toward the same goal of providing decent, safe and affordable housing for families.


Harsh New Hampshire Weather Caused Voids to the Exterior

While the Crutchfield building has only been used as housing units for a little less than a decade, the existing building had been present for many years prior. While standing tall for many years against New Hampshire’s harsh seasons the building developed wear and tear that needed to be addressed. This wear and tear created voids throughout, which can be crucial to your building because if water enters these voids and freezes this can cause significant damage to one’s structure. To fix this aging problem Hascall & Hall was called in to repair and renew some of the masonry work, re-caulk joints and repair the EIFS in order to close the openings of this building and make sure that it was prepared to take on more of New Hampshire’s rigorous seasons to come.


Replace Deteriorated Brick, Caulking and EIFS

We began this job by removing and replacing brick throughout the entire building. This was necessary based on the amount of deterioration that was present on the existing brick. These bricks can not only take away from the building aesthetically but also structurally. Deteriorated brick can leave openings in the building allowing weather to intrude and cause further damage rapidly. If these openings are not caught in time, they can go from one spot to the entire building leaving a weaker existence and sometimes even intruding into the interior.  

Some spots of this building had deteriorating and cracking caulking which can result in water and debris getting into the cracks. This is crucial to catch in a timely manner because of the damage freeze thaw can cause with New Hampshire’s harsh environment. When water or debris gets into the unsealed caulking areas it can cause movement in those certain areas shifting the building’s facade and, furthermore, creating larger cracks and pushing brick out of the building. Hascall & Hall was brought into re-caulk the deteriorated portions of the building and seal those specific areas as well as revamping the look. 

Lastly, the EIFS repair work needed to be done in order to seal the exterior from New Hampshire’s rough climate. The existing EIFS had seen better days and was cracking from top to bottom. A full wash of the building was done to make sure the existing EIFS was primed and ready for the new coating. Once the new coating was applied, we then cleaned the surrounding areas to make sure everything was in the best condition for the new EIFS to hold.


A Fresh, Clean Look for the Many Residents

Hascall & Hall would like to thank Concord Housing and Redevelopment for the opportunity to work on their building. Once we were complete, the Crutchfield Building was left looking brand new and ready to take on whatever New Hampshire has in store. With the high-quality job that Hascall & Hall has provided, this building will continue to house families for decades to come.

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