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Easy-to-Clean, Durable Floors for Surgery

The Beginning of Downeast Surgery Center

In 1978 Downeast Orthopedic Associates (DEOA) was founded and their presence has been growing ever since. After many years of surgery in a large-scale setting, DEOA decided to branch out and create a new surgical center to better serve their patients and their future in the Bangor, Maine area. Their new development came by the name of Downeast Surgery Center, which is an outpatient facility for surgery, owned and operated by local physicians and partners of Downeast Orthopedics and Downeast Hand & Physical Therapy.

When opening this new facility, the founders had three things that they wanted to achieve for their patients:

  1. keeping costs low
  2. avoiding the crowd of big hospitals
  3. and providing updated technology and space.

With this new facility they will be able to achieve just that, featuring “updated equipment, larger rooms, an additional operating room and an air filtration system designed to prevent infections”. Now their patients will have a top-quality environment for top quality care.


Needed: Durable Floor, Easy to Clean

When Hascall & Hall was called in and entrusted to apply specialty flooring to this brand-new surgery center we knew the job had to be of the highest quality because Downeast Surgery provides the highest quality of care to their patients. This is where our expert flooring specialists come into play – providing unlimited knowledge to help choose the right floor for them.

CLEANLINESS was an enormous factor because of the day-to-day operations the floor would endure, and a floor that’s easy to clean is a huge plus in the health care industry.

DURABILITY also couldn’t be overlooked; Downeast Surgery Center needed a floor that could withstand anything that may happen (i.e. chemical spills, UV stability, wear and tear of traffic).

Furthermore, they needed a floor that was SLIP RESISTANT due to the speed and precision with which doctors and staff care for their patients, and for the safety of their beloved patients. 

Our experts along with Downeast Surgery Center chose a Hybrid flooring system. This system is the most practical for daily operations in a surgery center due to the cleanliness, durability and slip resistant texture.

Easy-to-Clean, Durable, Seamless Floors at Downeast Surgery Center in Maine


Our Flooring Expert’s Solution

After selection of the floor took place, the prepping process began, starting with a combination of shot blasting and vacuum grinding to prep the concrete for the new flooring system. We then applied a six-inch cove base and smoothed it out evenly. After letting the cove base cure, we applied our base coat and diligently broadcast flake into the wet hybrid system. Again, letting the base coat cure we followed by duplicating that exact process for the second coat. Once the second coat was evenly cured, we applied a grout coat to make sure all areas of the floor match as closely as possible. Furthermore, we finished with a final topcoat that was applied to the floor and cove base then replicated to make the floor both UV stable and chemical resistant.

Hascall & Hall would like to thank Downeast Surgery Center for granting us the opportunity to apply their new floor. After leaving the job site Hascall & Hall left behind a floor that was clean, durable, slip resistant and of the highest quality so now the Downeast Surgery Center can continue to provide the highest quality care for their patients.

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