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Falmouth Fire-EMS Station Urethane Flooring System

Falmouth Fire Station and EMS, Urethane Flooring System project

First, A Little History

The station has a long history in the beautiful town of Falmouth, Maine responding to nearly 2,000 emergencies each year. Falmouth Fire-EMS has been proudly serving the town of Falmouth since responding to its first call in 1913. Much like Hascall & Hall, today they continue the tradition of taking great pride in providing outstanding customer service to their community.

All starting with Station 1, which was originally established in 1916 as a double bay fire station, all the money was raised, and the station was built by the Falmouth Firefighters themselves. Soon after, in 1939 renovations were done to accommodate a new pumper truck and then the station was entirely rebuilt in 1951 changing the station to 4 bays. In 1960 it was then changed back into a three-bay station to better serve the community.

Once districts started taking effect, Falmouth Fire-EMS knew they had to grow their territory and in 1927 Station 2 was born taking on District 2 of Falmouth Maine which starts at Route 1 on the Portland line, going all the way to the Cumberland line and stretching west to Woodville Road. A new and improved Station 2 was built in 1976 at its present location (Bucknam Road) and then a few decades later in 2007 a major renovation and addition was set forth. This renovation added “a new training room, day room, bunk rooms, offices for the call deputy chiefs and captains, and the new administrative wing”. Fast forward to present time and Station 2 now houses Engine 2, Tower 2, Ambulance 2, Ambulance 3, a 25-patient MCI trailer, a highway safety trailer and administrative offices.

The Problem

While the bay floor has been on nonstop duty for several years withstanding the wear and tear of daily activity from Falmouth Fire- EMS it had seen its better days. From the large cracking all the way to the deteriorating concrete, Hascall & Hall knew we had a lot of work on our hands.

Experts Conclusion

Hascall & Hall knew when hired to renovate the flooring in Station 2 that our work needed to withstand the harsh operations of Falmouth Fire- EMS. This is where our experts come into play in the selection of the perfect floor. DURABILITY was a huge factor of importance due to the rugged day to day operations that a Fire Station bay endures. CLEANLINESS couldn’t be overlooked; Station 2 needed a floor that was easy to maintain/clean due to the heavy traffic coming in and out of the bay. Lastly, they needed a floor that was SLIP RESISTANT because of the speed in which firefighters need to respond. Our experts chose a urethane flooring system for the job. Not only is this system extremely durable but also easy to clean and slip resistant making this the best option for the vigorous operations in Station 2.

The Urethane Flooring System Solution

To begin the job, we needed to use a combination of shot blasting/vacuum grinding in order to prepare the concrete for the Urethane flooring system. Routing out existing cracks, control joints and removing all deteriorated concrete was to follow. The cracks in the floor were then pretreated and patch work was required to prepare the floor correctly. Following the prep work we put down a slip resistant double broadcast urethane system with a grout coat. Furthermore, to leave the floor aesthetically pleasing we finished the system with a deep red UV stable top coat per our customer’s color request.

Hascall & Hall was extremely honored to install this floor for Falmouth Fire- EMS and we would like to thank them for letting us do so. Once our job was complete, we left Falmouth Fire- EMS a floor that is not only extremely durable but also easy to clean and slip resistant making this the best option for the vigorous operations in Station 2.

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