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Pembertons Gets a New Slip Resistant, Thermal Shock Proof Food Production Floor

Pemberton’s is a fine food maker located in Gray, Maine, that has been creating gourmet food favorites for nearly 20 years. Pemberton’s is known for its commitment to small-batch, artisan recipe creation and food production. Inspired by the wholesome ingredients available from local Maine farms, Pemberton’s specializes in using natural ingredients to deliver exquisite flavor. Production in Pemberton’s 10,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment enables them to produce hundreds of cases of handcrafted, quality products per day which strongly positions them to partner with Private Label companies. Pemberton’s Gourmet Foods has been a family-owned business since it was founded in 2002 and continues to honor the company’s rich history as a small family owned business. To buy and learn more about Pemberton’s visit their website PembertonsGourmetFoods.com.


Project Goal and Prep Work

Pemberton’s came to Hascall & Hall with the goal to turn their deteriorating production floor into an easy to clean, durable, slip resistant urethane floor that would withstand thermal shock from all their state-of-the-art equipment. This floor enables them to continue to grow while doing it safely and as clean as possible without damaging their floor. With their business stemming from the production floor Hascall & Hall had to act fast in order to make sure Pemberton’s down time was limited.

Cracked and Deteriorating Commercial Concrete Floor

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Work Performed

After selection of the floor took place, the prepping process began, starting with a combination of shot blasting and vacuum grinding to prep the concrete for the new flooring system. We then applied a two-inch cove base; this step assures that the floor will be seamless and easily cleaned. After letting the cove base cure, we applied our base coat and diligently broadcast flint shot aggregate into the wet urethane system which gives the floor a gritty, slip resistant texture. Once cured we finished with a final topcoat that was applied to the floor and cove base to make the floor both UV stable and chemical resistant. This floor was not only exactly what Pemberton’s needed but it was also applied in just two days, limiting Pemberton’s downtime, enabling them to get production back running quickly to fulfill all their customer’s needs.

Easy-to-Clean, Slip Resistant, Thermal Shock Proof, Urethane, Food Production Floor

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Hascall & Hall would like to thank Pemberton’s Gourmet Foods for granting us the opportunity to apply their new floor. After leaving the job site Hascall & Hall left behind a floor that was easy to clean, slip resistant and thermal shock proof so now Pemberton’s can continue to provide the highest quality gourmet food products to its customers.


Rob & CJ Bergeron are two of the most professional contractors I’ve ever encountered especially in this competitive market. Their honesty, knowledge and expertise, experience and work detail was amazing! We just had our plant floors scaled and recoated in the Pemberton’s Gourmet foods production facility. They were here for two and a half days and their team was amazing! Professional, clean, organized, on time and extremely productive. You all know what plant down time is like when you’re not making money, so I don’t even have to explain. Rob and CJ made sure I had two days to get the floors cured and ready to get all of the equipment back in the operation. We were up and running in less than 48 hours from the time of completion. I want to make sure I give Hascall & Hall my very highest recommendation to do business with a flooring contractor. They are simply amazing!Sam Mangino, Pemberton's Gourmet Foods


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