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Concrete Repair

Given Hascall & Hall’s competency in masonry restoration, it was only natural that we’d develop a parallel proficiency in concrete repair. From pouring new columns at the summit of Mt. Washington to creating rubber molds for restoring intricate figurines on an old façade, working in concrete is a logical extension of our mastery of masonry, and a medium with which we’re equally adept. At Hascall & Hall we continually expand our knowledge and acquire new systems and technologies for putting the faces back on your buildings. To restore and protect period buildings we apply technologies that exactly replicate original design elements, seamlessly matching all concrete surfaces, mortar, and stone to the original. We can even hand-carve an element when such artisanry is called for. The highest compliment our client can pay us is to ask us to point out just where the concrete restoration work was actually performed—if you cannot tell, it’s our great pleasure to direct your attention accordingly!

Extensive experience for all your concrete repair needs

  • Waterproofing
  • Trowel applied
  • Structural repair
  • Structural strengthening
  • Expansion joint systems
  • Pressure crack (epoxy) concrete injections
  • Parking garages
  • Balcony restoration
  • Concrete figurines
  • Specialty forming
  • Specialty coating

In concrete surface repair work each project presents a complex set of risks and variables to create a unique challenge. Our extensive knowledge of how concrete repair products work, when and where to apply them serves to benefit you, the end user. With over 200 years’ combined experience, our team understands the physical properties and interactions between one concrete repair product and another, and the implications that alchemy holds for the structure’s future.

While an inferior stop-gap concrete crack repair or a combination epoxy-concrete repair may not be immediately evident to an owner, it will generally become all too apparent in due course. Yet even the finest concrete work is prone to the ravages of time. Only an experienced team of concrete professionals has what it takes to identify the underlying causes and take action to arrest or prevent such deterioration. Whether the issue is accelerated or long-term degradation, eroded, spalled or porous concrete can be repaired and resurfaced for long-lasting protection.

Large or small, concrete projects require teamwork, and Hascall & Hall can draw on its 60-year legacy of working with the most respected engineers and technicians in the field. Together we’ve designed and executed quality construction and repairs for some of the most prominent concrete structures in New England. From shoring up a structure to the removal of all deteriorated concrete and rebar, we form and retie the required reinforcing then place new concrete where needed to complete a safe and durable repair. We can remove and replace deteriorating elements, bringing all items fully back to code or exceeding it.

Hascall & Hall concrete repair—we put all the pieces together

Whether the initiative behind your concrete project is purely an aesthetic one or driven by stringent safety standards, we have the skill, resources, and technical expertise you need. All our concrete repair projects begin with proper planning and attention to detail—from condition analysis, to materials selection and surface preparation, our methodical approach ensures that all the right pieces go in all the right places, and in the right sequence. Let us put our core principles of quality, safety, and adherence to deadline to work for you—call Hascall & Hall at 1-800-464-1481 to discuss your concrete repair project today.