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I represent that my responses set forth in this Application are truthful, accurate and complete. Any and all false or inaccurate statements made by me in this Application or otherwise during the employment evaluation process shall be grounds both for rejecting my Application for employment and, should I be hire by Hascall & Hall, termination of my employment.


I authorize representative of Hascall & Hall to contact educational institutions, sate and federal agencies to conduct criminal history records checks and employers designated in the Application for purposes of verification and investigation of my educational, criminal record and employment background and performance. I authorize representatives of Hascall & Hall to contact state agencies to verify my motor vehicle driving record should I be hired. Such individuals and organizations are authorized to release such information as maybe requested by Hascall & Hall representatives. I hereby release all such persons from liability or damages incurred as a result of furnishing such information. I understand that an unsatisfactory reference shall be grounds both for rejecting my Application for employment and, should I be hired by Hascall & Hall, termination of my employment.


Should I be employed by Hascall & Hall, I understand that I could be subject to an outside probe if accused of wrongdoing.


Hascall & Hall desires to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for the benefit of all employees. I understand that, prior to employment, I will be required to submit to a pre-employment physical to determine my fitness to perform the job functions required. Where there is reasonable questions as to whether or not I can safely perform the duties of my job due to my physical or mental condition. Hascall & Hall shall have the right to require that I submit to physical or mental examinations for the purposes of receiving medical confirmation that I can safely perform the duties of my job. Any and all examinations shall be for job-related purposes only and shall be performed by a medical advisor or advisors selected and paid for by Hascall & Hall. I herby release all such information to Hascall & Hall and waive any right of confidentiality.


Submission of the Application does not entitle me to be interviewed by Hascall & Hall. Further, nothing in this Application or in the employment evaluation process shall be construed as wither an offer of employment or an obligation on the part of Hascall & Hall to provide any benefit to me.


This Application shall be pending, unless withdrawn by me, until Hascall & Hal makes a decision on whether or not to hire me or until the 30th day after submission of this Application to Hascall & Hall, whichever occurs first. If no action is taken on my Application within the 30-day period, I understand that I must re-apply to Hascall & Hall in order to be considered for employment.


Should I be employed by Hascall & Hall I agree to comply with any and all employment rules and policies of Hascall & Hall.

After reading all the terms of this application, I hereby affirm that I understand and agree to the provisions of the same. I also agree that my employment with the Company is on a “at-will” basis, meaning that such employment may be permanently discontinued by either the Company ( through discharge or layoff) or myself ( through voluntarily quitting) at any time without notice and without any recourse of any kind by ether party. I expressly agree and understand that this is the entire agreement between the Company and me on the subject of discharge, termination and/or layoff, and it may be changed only ban agreement in writing signed by the President of the Company. I agree to conform to the Company’s rules and I also agree that I shall be subject to other conditions with the Company may adopt. I affirm that the information in this application is true and complete, and any intentional deception herein may be considered sufficient cause for dismissal.